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Professional headshot of Carl Boehlert

Carl Boehlert


Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (ChEMS), College of Engineering

Engineering Bldg, 428 S Shaw Ln Room 3529


Materials engineering; materials sciences; metallurgy; electron backscatter diffraction; intermetallics electron microscopy; metal matrix composites; titanium alloys and composites; mechanical behavior.


Ph.D, Materials Science and Engineering, University of Dayton 1997

M.S., Materials Science and Engineering, University of Dayton 1993


2002 Defense Program (DP) Department of Energy (DOE) Presidential Early Career Award for Science and Engineering (PECASE)

2002 NSF Career Award

2003 NYSTAR James D. Watson Young Investigator Program Awardee

"Academic Keys Who's Who in Engineering Education (WWEE), 2006", "Who's Who of Emerging Leaders First Edition, 2007"


2021 D. Hernández-Escobar, M. Kawasaki, and C.J. Boehlert, 'Metal hybrids processed by high-pressure torsion: synthesis, microstructure, mechanical properties and developing trends'.

International Materials Reviews,

D.D. Yin, C.J. Boehlert, L.J. Long, G.H. Huang, H. Zhou, J. Zheng, and Q.D. Wang, 'Reversed tension-compression asymmetry and the underlying slip/twinning activity in extruded Mg-Y sheets'.

International Journal of Plasticity, Vol. 136 (2021) 102878.


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