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Outreach and engagement

There are many ways to partner with us including recruiting talented Spartans, supporting student projects and research, utilizing testing and facilities, working with expert faculty researchers, and engaging in professional development and continuing education.

Recruit our students

Connect with Spartan Engineering candidates, post jobs, participate in recruiting events, and learn about co-ops and internships

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Corporate and foundation relations

Corporate and foundation partners have many opportunities to engage with our college. For more information on the following, or to discuss customized opportunities.

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Testing services and facilities

Many testing and analysis services are available to organizations. Please see the list below for details and contacts. For customized opportunities, please contact John Verboncoeur, at (517) 355-5133 or

The Composite Materials and Structures Center (CMSC) is one of the foremost facilities for the study of polymer composites and is internationally recognized for its contributions to composite science and engineering. The faculty of the College of Engineering along with the full-time staff researchers of the CMSC have expertise in processing, design and optimization, materials science, nanocomposite technology, structural analysis, surface science, failure analysis, and more. The CMSC offers the opportunity to conduct proprietary, confidential programs by assembling a focused team of researchers to address specific issues of importance to the client. 

The Center is fully equipped with 8 laboratories totaling nearly 20,000 square feet equipped with the latest instrumentation for the study of composite manufacturing, performance, and durability. Please contact the director, Lawrence (Larry) Drzal, at (517) 353-5466 or to explore opportunities to engage with the CMSC.

The Composite Vehicle Research Center (CVRC) focuses on the design and testing of composite structures for light-weight, environment-friendly, durable and safe vehicles.  The thrust areas are: advanced design of composite shells and structures for vehicles; development of novel experimental mechanics methods and smart sensing systems for analysis, non-destructive evaluation and structural health monitoring; and integration of simulation and experimental mechanics in design protocols for vehicles.

The CVRC offers collaborative opportunities for industry partners at all stages of research, testing, and product development of composite materials, substrates, and component design. Please contact the director, Martin Hawley, at (517) 355-9687 or to explore opportunities to engage with the CVRC.

Professional development

A number of professional development opportunities are available for organizations. This includes continuing education for licensure, certificates, master’s programs, and short courses. For more information on customized educational opportunities, please contact Tom Voice at (517) 355-5133 or

Master’s degree programs
Graduate Certificate in Computational Modeling
Graduate Certificate in High Performance Computing
Electrical Technology Apprenticeship Programs
National Electrical Code Update Courses
Foundations in Chemical Engineering
Foundations in Materials Science and Engineering