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Research priorities

Applied Electromagnetics

Development of electromagnetics devices and technologies to improve communication and sensing capabilities for a wide array of consumer, industrial and governmental applications.

Computational and Informational Systems

Algorithm design and software development to enable and advance data mining, artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, context-aware computing, trustworthy computing, and cyberphysical systems.

Health and Biomedical

Discovering and engineering solutions to enhance health and wellness and to improve health care for increased longevity and quality of life.

Materials, Mechanics, and Advanced Manufacturing

Creation of new and improved materials, properties, performance and applications, as well as improved processes for manufacturing and joining.

Mobility and Robotics

Designing mechanisms for improving the lives of people, facilitating transportation, and supporting manufacturing of goods, with particular emphasis on a new generation of autonomous, connected, energy-efficient vehicles that can operate safely under real-world conditions.


Applying technology to the agro-food supply chain to enhance food safety, food security, and system efficiency.

Sustainability: Infrastructure, Environment, Energy, and Water

Creating sustainable approaches to meeting societal resource needs, optimizing interactions between the natural and built environments, and protecting human and environmental health.