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Donor recognition

Recognize and honor our major contributors

At the College of Engineering, we are grateful for every donor who helps us fulfill our mission by providing gifts and support. From donor testimonials to details on the various Michigan State University giving clubs and societies, we aim to offer insight into how giving to the college supports transformational outcomes for students, faculty and staff within the college.

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Donor testimonials

“Thanks to my relationship with MSU, I have the wonderful opportunity to meet undergraduate and graduate engineering students. As I learn about their projects and experiences, I become optimistic about the future. The caliber of their work and their embrace of ‘SpartansWill.’ validates the importance of supporting MSU.” Betty Shanahan ’78, Electrical Engineering

“I support the College because of its ongoing innovations and investments in a culture of collaborative progress, showing students how diverse teams can come together to learn, tackle hard problems and help to make the world a better place for all.” Bob Nuber ’78, Computer Science and the Honors College

“MSU gave me the tools to succeed, the humility to try harder, and an attitude to make things better.  MSU continues to instill these principles in their students and that is why it will continue to impact our world.” David Pahl ’86, Electrical Engineering

“I enjoy giving back to the College of Engineering in multiple ways, from mentoring of students, to lecturing in a class, to advisory board service, to funding of scholarships and faculty seats. You can tailor your involvement to the time and resources you have to contribute and it’s all very welcome. The Dean and the leaders are open to suggestions from alumni on how to engage and improve programs.” Donnie Haye ’81, Applied Engineering Sciences


Donor societies

With the help of alumni and friends, Michigan State University has established distinguished giving clubs to recognize those who support of University programs and create a pattern of substantial giving. For information on annual giving levels and presidential donor societies, visit the MSU Donor Recognition page or contact the College Development Office at (517) 355-8339 or via email at