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Leo Kempel

(517) 355-5114

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Thomas Voice

Senior Associate Dean
(517) 355-5133

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John Verboncoeur

Senior Associate Dean Research and Graduate Studies
(517) 355-5133

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Tammy Reid Bush

Associate Dean Inclusion and Diversity
(517) 353-9544

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Nicole Shook

Chief of Staff
(517) 432-5265

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Amanda Idema

Assistant Dean Undergraduate Studies
(517) 355-6616 Ext. 3

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Katy Colbry

Assistant Dean Graduate Student Services
(517) 353-8891

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Kyle Foster

Assistant Dean Student Success

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Robert Ofoli

Faculty Excellence Advocate
(517) 432-1575

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Department Chairs

Bradley Marks

Chair, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering
(517) 432-7703

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Christina Chan

Chair, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
(517) 432-4530

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Peter Savolainen

Interim Chair, Civil and Environmental
(517) 355-5107

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Adam Alessio

Interim Chair, Biomedical Engineering
(517) 432-1708

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Minami Yoda

Chair, Mechanical Engineering


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Abdol Esfahanian

Chair, Computer Science Engineering
(517) 432-9476

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John Papapolymerou

Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering
(517) 353-1980

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Edward Brown

Interim Chair, Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering
(517) 884-8947

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Organizational chart

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Engineering Organization Chart, there is a link above that is a text list describing what is in the org chart