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Professional headshot of Christina Chan

Christina Chan

Chairperson – Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (ChEMS)

Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (ChEMS), College of Engineering

University Distinguished Professor - Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (ChEMS) in the College of Engineering

Engineering Bldg, 428 S Shaw Ln Room 1243


Our laboratory applies cellular, molecular engineering and systems biology approaches to investigate disease mechanisms. We are studying endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress related diseases, in particular, we are interested in how fatty acids interact with ER transmembrane sensor proteins to drive the development of cancer metastasis and neurological diseases. Our laboratory also is developing therapeutics ... using engineering approaches (e.g. drug delivery systems and stem cell engineering techniques) to modulate the pathways altered in these diseases.

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Ph.D, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania 1990

M.S., Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania 1986

B.S., Chemical Engineering, Columbia University 1984


Recipient of the AIChE Area Forum 15D/E Engineering Fundamentals in Life Science Plenary Lecture Award, 2015

Beal Outstanding Faculty Award (formerly University Distinguished Faculty Award), 2014

Engineering's College of Fellows, 2012

Elected to the American Institute for Medical and Biological, 2011


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