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Professional headshot of Gary Cloud

Gary Cloud

University Distinguished Professor

Mechanical Engineering (ME), College of Engineering

2727 Alliance Dr Ste 2555


Experimental mechanics; optical techniques in strain measurement; fracture; fasteners; mechanics of composite materials.


Ph.D., Michigan State University 1966

M.S., Michigan Technological University 1961

B.S., Michigan Technological University 1959


Fellow, Society for Experimental Mechanics

Fellow, Institute of Physics


Dejardin, L.M., Arnoczky, S.P., and Cloud, G.L., "Determination of Strain Patterns in the Normal Equine Hoof Using Photoelasticity - An In Vitro Study," Equine Veterinary Journal, 31, 3, pp 232-37,1999.

Lanza di Scalea, F., Cappello, F. and Cloud, G.L., "On the Effect of Interference Fits in Composite Pin-Joints," Journal of Thermoplastic Composite Materials, 12, pp23-32, Jan. 1999.

Lanza di Scalea, F., Hong, S.S. and Cloud, G.L., "Whole-Field Strain Measurement in Pin-Loaded Plate by ESPI and FEM," Experimental Mechanics, 38,1,56-61 (March 1998).