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Professional headshot of Per Askeland

Per Askeland

Specialist - Research

Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (ChEMS), College of Engineering

Engineering Bldg, 428 S Shaw Ln Room 1148


Responsible for operation, upkeep, and training of various analytical techniques including surface spectroscopy (XPS, AES), molecular spectroscopy (FTIR, UV-Vis), and microscopy (ESEM, optical). Also responsible for materials processing techniques including plasma and UV-ozone surface treatments. Research areas include: electrospinning ceramic and organic fibers for chemical and biological sensing; ... development of luminescent based oxygen sensors; surface treatment of polymers for adhesive bonding; and assisting the development of graphite based polymer composites.

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Ph.D. Chemisty, Michigan State University 1997

B.S. Chemistry, University of Iowa 1991


Liu, W.; Mohanty, A. K.; Askeland, P.; Drzal, L. T.; Misra, M. "\'Green\' composites from soy based plastic and pineapple leaf fiber: fabrication and properties evaluation" Polymer, 46, 2710-2721 (2005)

Kalaitzidou, Kyriaki, Fukushima, Hiroyuki; Askeland, Per; Drzal, Lawrence T. "The nucleating effect of exfoliated graphite nanoplatelets and their influence on the crystal structure and electrical conductivity of polypropylene nanocomposites," Journal of Materials Science, v 43, n 8, April, 2008, Interface Science, p 2895-290

Park, Jong Kyoo , Do, In-Hwan; Askeland, Per; Drzal, Lawrence T. "Electrodeposition of exfoliated graphite nanoplatelets onto carbon fibers and properties of their epoxy composites" Composites Science and Technology, v 68, n 7-8, June, 2008, p 1734-174

Liu, Wanjun;Mohanty, Amar K.; Askeland, Per; Drzal, Lawrence T.; Misra, Manjusri "Modification of soy protein plastic with functional monomer with reactive extrusion"\x9d Journal of Polymers and the Environment, v 16, n 3, July, 2008, p 177-18