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Professional headshot of Qi Fan

Qi Fan


Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), College of Engineering

Professor - Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (ChEMS) in the College of Engineering

Engr Rsch Complex, 1449 Engineering Research Ct Room B111


Biography/Research Expertise: Plasma Sources, Plasma-Material Interactions, Thin Film Solar Cells, Supercapacitors, Optical Thin Films, Functional Coatings, Electronic Materials and Semiconductor Devices


Ph.D., Applied Physics, University of Aveiro, 1999


Cannon Intellectual Property Commercialization Award, SDSU (2012-2013)

Distinguished Researcher Award, College of Engineering, SDSU (2013-2014)

Best Paper Award, IEEE EIT International Conference, Rapid City, SD (2013)

Grantswinship Award, College of Engineering, SDSU (2012, 2013, 2015)


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Bocong Zheng, Yangyang Fu, Keliang Wang, Thanh Tran, Thomas Schuelke, and Qi Hua Fan, “Electron dynamics in radio frequency magnetron sputtering argon discharges with a dielectric target”, Plasma Sources Sci. Technol. 30, 035019 (2021).

Nina Baule, Young Suk Kim, André Till Zeuner, Lars Haubold, Robert Kühne, Osman Levent Eryilmaz, Ali Erdemir, Zhong Hu, Martina Zimmermann, Thomas Schuelke, Qi Hua Fan, “Boride-carbon hybrid technology for ultra-wear and corrosive conditions”, Coatings (2021).

Y. Fu, B. Zheng, D.Q. Wen, P. Zhang, Q. H. Fan, J. P Verboncoeur, “Similarity law and frequency scaling in low-pressure capacitive radio frequency plasmas”, Appl Phys Lett 117, 204101 (2020).

Al-Ahsan Talukder, Qi Hua Fan, “Temperature Sensing Using Zinc Oxide Thin Films”, Book Chapter in “ZnO Thin Films: Properties, Performance and Applications”, ISBN 978-1-53616-086-4, NOVA Publisher (2019).


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