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Professional headshot of R Mark Worden

R. Mark Worden


Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (ChEMS), College of Engineering

Engineering Bldg, 428 S Shaw Ln Room 2263


Nanotechnology, nanostructured biomimetic interfaces; biochemical engineering; protein expression; fermentation engineering; multiphase biocatalysis; biobased products.


Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, University of Tennessee 1986

M.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Tennessee 1982


Board of Directors, Great Lakes Chapter of ISPE

2003-2004 Withrow Teaching Excellence Award, MSU Engineering College


Li, R.; Tiedje, J. M.; Chiu, C. C.; Worden, R. M. "Soluble Electron Shuttles Can Mediate Energy Taxis toward Insoluble Electron Acceptors," Environmental Science & Technology 46(5), 2813-2820, (2012).

Jadhav, S. R.; Rao, K. S.; Zheng, Y.; Garavito, R. M.; Worden, R. M. "Voltage dependent closure of PorB class II porin from Neisseria meningitidis investigated using impedance spectroscopy in a tethered bilayer lipid membrane interface," Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 390, 211-216, (2013).

Negoda, A.; Liu, Y.; Worden, R. M.; Hou, W. C.; Corredor, C.; Moghadam, B. Y.; Musolff, C.; Li, L.; Walker, W.; Westerhoff, P.; Mason, A. J.; Duxbury, P.; Posner, J. D.; Worden, R. M. "Engineered Nanomaterial Interactions with Bilayer Lipid Membranes: A Screening Platform to Assess Nanoparticle Toxicity " International Journal of Biomedical Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 3(1/2), 52-82, (2013).

Negoda, A.; Kim, K. J.Liu, Y., Crandall, E. D., and Worden, R. M., "Polystyrene nanoparticle exposure induces ion-selective pores in lipid bilayers," Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Biomembranes, 1828(9):2215-2222 (2013).