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Professional headshot of Ramani Narayan

Ramani Narayan

University Distinguished Professor

Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (ChEMS), College of Engineering

University Distinguished Professor - Packaging in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

3815 Technology Blvd Ste A109


Polymeric materials from renewable resources; biodegradable polymer systems; engineering and design of natural-synthetic polymer graft and block copolymers; polymer blends; studies in reactive extrusion processing, biobased and recyclable composites.


Ph.D., Organic Chemistry (Polymer Science & Eng.), Bombay University 1975

M.S., Organic Chemistry, Bombay University 1969


Withrow Distinguished Scholar Award 2005

State of Michigan, Governor's University Award for Commercialization Excellence, 2005

James Hammer Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award, 2006

Award of Excellence from ASTM committee, 2006


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P. Giri, C. Tambe, R. Narayan, "Using reactive extrusion to manufacture greener products: from laboratory fundamentals to commercial scale; ACS Symposium Series (2018), 1304 (Biomass Extrusion and Reaction Technologies: Principles to Practices and Future Potential), 1-23 (2018).

S. Dewasthale, C. Andrews, R. Narayan, D. Graiver, "Interpenetrating polymers networks derived from silylated soybean oil and water soluble polysiloxanes," Journal of Applied Polymer Science 136, 47182 (2018).

R. Narayan, "Biodegradable and Biobased Plastics" in Soil Degradable BioPlastics for a sustainable modern agriculture, Ed., M. Malinconico; Springer-Verlag GmbH Germany; Ch 2, pg 23-34 (2017).