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Professional headshot of Thomas Schuelke

Thomas Schuelke


Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), College of Engineering

Engr Rsch Complex, 1449 Engineering Research Ct Room C123


Thomas Schuelke earned his Ph.D. in Physics from the Technical University Dresden, Germany, in 1996. He worked as a Research and Development Engineer for Charted Semiconductor Manufacturing in Singapore prior to taking over the responsibility for Fraunhofer USA’s Thin Film Coatings Laboratory in 1998. He is currently the director of the joint MSU-Fraunhofer Center for Coatings and Diamond Technologies. ... Schuelke’s research addresses thin film coating technologies for industrial applications. A particular focus is on diamond and diamond-like carbon materials, plasma deposition processes and systems. Current projects work on energy efficient windows, energy storage, transportation safety, friction, wear and corrosion challenges in manufacturing and biomedical fields, and diamond applications such as power electronics and electrochemical sensing.

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Ph.D.; Physics; Technical University Dresden, Germany; 1996

M.Sc.; Physics; Technical University Dresden, Germany; 1992


Top Reviewer Award, Diamond and Related Materials Research Journal (2009)

Featured in “People in Research”, Annual Report of the Fraunhofer Society, Germany (2005)

Research Award, German Academic Exchange Service to perform a joint research project at the Plasma Applications Laboratory (Dr. Ian Brown) at LBNL, Berkeley, CA, USA (1995)


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Grotjohn, T., D. T. Tran, M.K. Yaran, S. N. Demlow, T. Schuelke, “Heavy phosphorus doping by epitaxial growth on the (111) diamond surface”, Diamond and Related Materials, 44 (2014)

Muehle, M., M. Becker, T. Schuelke, and J. Asmussen, “Substrate crystal recovery for homoepitaxial diamond”, Diamond and Related Materials 42 (2014).

T. Schuelke and T.A. Grotjohn, “Diamond Polishing”, Invited Review Article,Diamond and Related Materials 32 (2013).


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