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Oct. 16, 2023

Annick Anctil's solar energy research receives national attention

Annick Anctil stresses public outreach to debunk solar panel misinformation

Oct. 16, 2023

An MSU College of Engineering researcher has received national media exposure for her expertise in solar panels and renewable energy. 

Civil and Environmental Engineering Associate Professor Annick Anctil was recently featured in Inside Climate News for a story entitled "A Reality Check About Solar Panel Waste and the Effects on Human Health." 

Anctil said science shows that solar panels installed in rural areas are safe and aren't made with chemicals that are harmful to people and livestock.

She encourages the science and engineering communities to do a better job sharing facts about solar panels so the public has an better understanding of how safely they are made. 

Anctil's comments and the Inside Climate News story are in response to a essay entitled "Unfounded Concerns About Photovoltaic Module Toxicity and Waste are Slowing Decarbonization."

For more about Anctil and her research, visit the Sustainable Energy Systems page. The website includes details about her most recent projects and publications.