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Nov. 7, 2023

College welcomes academic and instructional experts

MSU Engineering adds 19 faculty and specialists in 2023 

Nov. 7, 2023

The Michigan State University College of Engineering welcomed 19 academic and instructional experts in 2023. The college currently has 238 tenure system faculty.

MSU College of Engineering Building Engineering Dean Leo Kempel said the recent additions help the College of Engineering at a time of unprecedented growth and innovation.

“As our student enrollment hits historic records, we welcome these talented faculty members and specialists to our world-class academic team. They are essential to supporting bright and industrious students as they develop into innovative engineers, computer scientists and researchers who solve complex transdisciplinary problems, and drive economic development,” Kempel added. 

Here is the list: 

JoAnn Ballor, specialist – teaching

• Mohammed Ben-Idris, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering

• Janet Brelin-Fornari, specialist - director of Technology Engineering programs

 Surya Congress, assistant professor, civil and environmental engineering

• Miranda Endres, specialist - academic adviser

• Mauro Ettore, professor, electrical and computer engineering

• William Harokopus, associate professor, electrical and computer engineering 

• Judson Herzer, specialist - director of MSU Mobility and Innovation

Michael Hickner, professor, chemical engineering and materials science

• Ryan LaRose, assistant professor, computational mathematics, science and engineering

• Hae-Na Lee, assistant professor, computer science and engineering

 Xinyue Liu, assistant professor, chemical engineering and materials science

Candyce Lundeen, specialist – academic adviser

• Nicholas Miller, assistant professor, electrical and computer engineering

• Charisse Ross, specialist – career adviser

• Christina Snyder, specialist – academic adviser

• Maurice Traylor, specialist - director of multicultural initiatives

Elizabeth Weiland, specialist – academic adviser

• Minami Yoda, Red Cedar professor and chairperson of mechanical engineering department