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Feb. 19, 2024

Applied Engineering Sciences students earn Academic All-Big Ten Team honors

Cross country runners balance 80-mile weeks with rigorous coursework

Two Applied Engineering Sciences (AES) seniors, Andrew Nolan and Tyler Pritchett, were part of the Academic All-Big Ten Team for the fall 2023 semester.

Professional Headshot of Andrew Nolan
Andrew Nolan

Each finished with a perfect 4.0 grade-point average.

Eligibility for this honor requires students to participate on a varsity Big Ten sports team and be a full-time student. They also must have at least a 3.0 grade-point average.

“Being selected for the Academic All-Big Ten Team was very special and exciting to hear,” Pritchett said. “It is something that I strive for every year and have been able to attain it all years I have been eligible.”

Balancing academic success with a varsity sport can be very demanding.

Cross country runners at MSU put in more than 80 miles a week, requiring them to often train multiple times per day. They also lift weights twice a week and meet with team trainers regularly to maintain their health.

Professional headshot of Tyler Pritchett
Tyler Pritchett

“I’ve definitely had to develop good time management skills to make sure I’m able to keep my grades up as well as have a successful running career,” Pritchett said.

Dual roles as an MSU athlete and student can be difficult, but each are a privilege, Nolan said.

“It is not easy to handle the workload of running and school, but I enjoy the challenge and I believe it makes me a better student, athlete, and person,” Nolan said.

AES provides options

Applied Engineering Sciences is an academic program that helps students learn the technical aspects of engineering and the inner workings of the business world.

Pritchett, from Midland, Mich., is pursuing AES and computer science because he enjoys solving problems and coding. His studies keep him ambitious.

“It’s very enjoyable when you work on a project for a while and finally accomplish what you wanted,” Pritchett said.

Nolan, from Oxford, Mich., also sees AES as a path to explore various subjects in engineering.

“I chose computer science as my concentration due to the fact that the field's importance is growing by the day,” Nolan said, “And it was also a subject that had interested me since high school.”

Senior Spartan reflections

Both seniors look back on what they’ve learned at MSU as important for their futures.

“I have had a great experience with the College of Engineering during my time at MSU,” Nolan said. “The faculty are wonderful, and I believe that they do a great job of preparing students for real work in the engineering industry.”

Pritchett plans to utilize the skills he’s acquired at MSU to find a career that involves supply chain management and computer science.

Pritchett commends the College of Engineering, its faculty and staff for giving him a positive experience on campus.

“I think they help prepare me very well in my coursework for what is to come in the future,” Pritchett said. “They provide a lot of valuable information and opportunities to expand my knowledge and help prepare me for life after college.”

Written by Lia Bergin,