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April 2, 2024

MSU Innovation Celebration: Engineering receives five awards

Faculty, students, alumni share honors for research & entrepreneurship

Wen Li
Wen Li's research interests include micro sensors, actuators, biomimetic devices, microfluidic and lab-on-chip systems, and packaging technologies.

Michigan State University's April 2 Innovation Celebration created a College of Engineering milestone. 

Faculty members, students and alumni were recognized with five of the event's six awards. 

A breakdown of those with College of Engineering ties who received honors at the 2024 Innovation Celebration:

Innovator of the Year Award

Technology Transfer Achievement Award 

Corporate Connector of the Year Award

Startup of the Year Award 

Company based on technology developed at MSU that stores excess production of renewable energy and delivers it back as heat or electricity when needed. MSU Foundation Mechanical Engineering Professor James Klausner serves as co-founder and executive chairman. 

Student Startup of the Year Award

Product created by Spartan Engineers Alexander and Austin Pollack to help people struggling with mobility who rely on oxygen tanks. Powered with a one-button remote, the device helps prevent falls by easily reeling up to 50 feet of oxygen tubing. 

Mahmoodul Haq
Mahmoodul Haq specializes in teaching and research for three departments in the MSU College of Engineering. 

About the Innovation Celebration

The MSU Innovation Celebration celebrates the innovations and technologies created by MSU's faculty, students and startup companies.

This year's event included more than 30 displays that gave attendees a look at how Spartan innovators are addressing real-world challenges.

For more information about the awards, award-winning researchers and entrepreneurs, and their work, visit the Innovation Center's website and view the 40-page event program.

Written by Eric Lacy, See more at the Engineering Media and Public Relations page.