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April 16, 2024

MSU students create LaparAssist to improve OR communication

Biomedical engineering, Henry Ford teaching tool featured by DBusiness

Michigan State University biomedical engineering doctoral students and Henry Ford Health have formed a partnership to develop a new way for surgeons to teach stomach and pelvic procedures. 

The new teaching technology helps surgeons with both hands occupied show elements of a procedure on a monitor with a laser pointer mounted to headgear. Details were shared this month in a story posted on DBusiness, a Metro Detroit Business Journal's website.

The headgear, according to DBusiness, uses Bluetooth technology and is activated by a pedal on the floor. For more on this technology, check out the DBusiness story. 

On April 12, the MSU Board of Trustees strengthened its partnership with Henry Ford Health by approving construction of a $335 million biomedical research center in Detroit. The seven-story, 335,000-square-foot facility will be owned by MSU and operated jointly with Henry Ford Health. Find out more details by visiting MSUToday's website. 

Written by Eric Lacy, See more at the Engineering Media and Public Relations page.