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close up of hands holding a 3D printed heart that are the colors green, orange and blue.

BME is committed to engineering solutions to reduce the pain and suffering from health-related challenges in our world. To highlight some of our talented faculty, research staff, and students, Prof. Aitor Aguirre’s lab studies regenerative biology and cell reprogramming. Through NIH and American Heart Association funding, they have developed an in vitro heart organoid model with morphologic and cell-type complexity similar to fetal hearts to provide a novel platform for the study of congenital heart defects. Prof. Erin Purcell works with neural prostheses, studying how implanted electrodes interact with neural circuitry to better understand brain function and behavior. This work, through NIH and NSF funding, is driving towards devices for early detection and treatment of neurological diseases and injuries. Prof. Sudin Bhattacharya is applying computational tools to study fundamental problems in toxicology. Their work aims to understand the signaling and transcriptional regulatory networks that underlie the determination of cell fate and the impact of environmental and toxic factors on these networks.

Please explore the profiles of our faculty to learn about the impactful research in BME.

Close up of the BME IQ building with a sunset in the distanceResearch labs for core faculty: Learn more about the research taking place at the Institute for Quantitative Health Science and Engineering.