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Multi-cultural Initiatives

students walking around campus

Multi-cultural Initiatives positively impacts the academic, professional and personal growth of thousands of underrepresented students through a range of programs that acknowledge and affirm the diversity of our community.

Diversity in the faculty, staff and students is a major resource of the College of Engineering’s intellectual vitality and innovative spirit. The College strives to be a community where people of different cultures, intellectual positions, and lifestyles can reach their full potential. Through Multi-cultural Initiatives, the College provides an environment predicated on intercultural awareness and understanding; where these differences are celebrated and our students are empowered. Our goal is to provide spirited, relevant, and unique opportunities that prepare students for success in an increasingly diverse world.

The College of Engineering does not discriminate against any person(s) in the delivery of its services or programs. Resources provided by Multi-cultural Initiatives are available to all College of Engineering undergraduate students.

Programs and resources include:

  1. Transition Programs:
  2. Career and Professional Development Series:
    • Networking opportunities with employers and alumni
    • Academic and professional skill development workshops and events
  3. Affiliation with national underrepresented student groups
  4. Peer Mentoring
  5. Scholarships and hardship assistance
  6. Dedicated study and networking space in the Guided Learning Center (EB 1109)