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Major change request

If you have 55 or fewer credits you may use this form to request a major change into any engineering major.

If you are seeking a major change to something other than College of Engineering majors, please visit the website of that college to learn more about the process.  If you wish to change your major to Exploratory Preference, or if you wish to discuss major options, please visit a Neighborhood Engagement Center for guidance.

This request does NOT ensure admission to engineering. Please see the Admission to Engineering page for information on that process.

Students with a major in James Madison, Lyman Briggs or the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities must complete an exit interview/survey with their college prior to submitting a major change request.

Submit Request

Form access instructions

  • Sign out of Non-MSU Google Apps accounts and close all tabs or windows running Google Apps (Google Drive, Docs, Calendar, etc.)
  • Select the Online Major Change Request Form link above
  • The MSU Authentication page will open.
  • Enter your MSU NETID and Password
  • You will be notified via MSU email within 5 business days if your request has been approved or not.

Note: If you receive the message “You need permission” log out of all Google accounts and close all open tabs or windows running Google Apps, and follow the above steps again.