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Graduate resources

GradPlan helps master's and doctoral students create and store their degree plans and subsequent graduate program activities. It is where students form their guidance committee (if required), create and update a course list, track RCR, and view and complete their annual research activity guide. Visit GradPlan.
All outstanding applicants are automatically considered for graduate assistantships and fellowships. There is a high demand for our graduate students across campus and in the community. The majority of our students are able to find support or employment within one semester.

Opportunities to teach in a range of classroom settings from CSE 101 to graduate level courses with access to teaching resources, seminars, and mentoring programs are available.

Opportunities to perform research with a faculty member in one of our nine research laboratories also are available to graduate students with options for presenting your work at prestigious international conferences, applying your research to current problems in industry, and making a real and immediate impact through partnerships with corporations and government.

Recent graduates of our department are employed in tenure-track faculty positions and with companies such as Google, Microsoft, VMware, IBM, HP Labs, and Siemens.